We are a hybrid agency (est. 2008) that scales around its productions & consultancy services. Often time, we’re asked to develop and bring to fruition special complex projects, whereby our role centers around connecting and managing different parties, teams and individuals towards a common goal, while ensuring the right decisions are taken in the process.

Our quest is to evoke emotion in your audiences’ hearts. Be it live shows, events, activations or video productions, we know that their memorable experience is fuelled first by a strong emotional connection and achieving this, sits at the core of all that we create.

Here’s what we strongly believe in our way of working:

Honesty first
We don’t just tell clients what they want to hear, instead we always tell the truth. This goes together along with being clear and transparent. Always.
Passion is energy
Passion is what gives us meaning and freedom to be creative. It propels us to keep going, without it we would crash and burn.
It takes a village
Special complex projects can only be realized when you assemble the best team of partners and individuals. Kind of like the Avengers.
What if?
To achieve greatness, we must question everything and have the audacity to track outside the beaten path.